Friday, November 26, 2010


Well turkey day has come and gone. Had 27 people in my basement.
Stuffed the turkey and stuffed all of my craft supplies behind curtains. It will take me forever to find anything. I really admire those people that are organized. It would be nice to know where something is when you wanted it.

I keep saying I am going to let a  friend of mine come and organize but I know she'll want to throw stuff away (making a face of horror) I know I keep way to much but that's who I am.

I thought I had better take a picture when you can see the table tops.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday before Thanksgiving

I have been busy cleaning my craft room for Thanksgiving. I clean off the shelves so thy wouldn't look so cluttered, then I had to clean off the table, then the counter, then the table etc. you get the idea.

This morning Cliff asked for a piece of wire. Took me forever to find it. I love the look of my craft room all neat but I'm not organized so getting back to work will be a seek and find.

I think I have just about all the Christmas cards I need. I have been sending a lot less than I used to.