Friday, December 12, 2008

I have been trying to organize my crafting space. The bookcases are now full, the work table gets smaller and smaller until I have about a 8x10 inch space to work unless I am making ATC's then I have a 3x5 space to work.

my craft room

long time with no posts

wow its been a long time since I wrote anything. I been busy with life and just haven't had much to say.

Monday, July 28, 2008

vacation NOT

Had to come home the day after we left. Here is a picture of what my whole woods looks like.
Spent the rest of our vacation cutting wood, about 3 trees, only ???? more to go.
totaled my brothers barn and mom lost part of a roof and the front porch.

storm damage

Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm in North Carolina tonight. We are on our way to Asheville, we are going to see the Biltmore, we have been there a couple of times but never when the roses are in bloom. DH promised me a shopping trip, too. I have a swap due in a week and a half I'm not done yet. I brought supplies with me so I can hopefully I can get closer to being done when I get home Friday.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

d's knitting, crafting blog: swaps

d's knitting, crafting blog: swaps


I have discovered the land of swaps. It is so much fun. The first time I swapped I joined two at the same time and sent one to Calif instead of where it was supposed to go. I have to thank Gloria for sending my polymer pieces on to Arlene. She said she would let me know how much I owe her for postage but haven't heard from her. I am going to have to do something nice for her.

I have now joined a skinny book swap, not sure what I have to do yet. Another ATC swap and another polymer swap I just hope I get all the addresses right this time.

mystery knit

Am knitting a mystery lace in yellow right now. Its going well but I had to spend Thursday at the hospital waiting in mom to get a new battery for her pace maker and I had no take-a-long knitting. I need to start a easy knit project.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I know I've mentioned before that my mom is in a nursing home. She had a bad turn, and she is in the hospital. She's better but she just doesn't eat enough. So far they haven't found a reason for it. She went in last Friday. Saturday I had been looking forward to going to a scrapbooking thing in Columbus, Ohio. I had paid thirty dollars for a class to make a flip-book. Mom told me to go because they weren't going to do anything on a Saturday.

Went to the class and made the flip-book it was another ten dollars for supplies but I had a really good time. I love someone taking me by the hand and showing each step to take. I wish I had another kit so I could take more time to finish it right. I have made books before and I don't like how the edges aren't covered like a book. they are just cut the size of the cover.

Rubber stamps, which is the title of this entry.

I joined a group for stampers, now I have used stamps for years, my favorite is called "baby moon" I have use this stamp for wrapping paper, cards invitations for a long time. I emboss it I have ironed velvet on it to make embossed velvet.

At the expo Saturday I have never seen so stamps in one place ever. I only bought four new ones but if I didn't have to get back to mom I don't know how much I would have spent. I got a stamp by Jim Holtz. This is the first time I noticed designer but a group I'm on kept saying how good his designs were. It is by Stamper Anonymous. I got looking at my stamps today and I noticed the names on the stamps. I found only one more by SA. I do have a lot by Inkadinkado,
I like Hampton Art and background stamps by Stamps Happened. Some other I like are by hero arts, stampendious, rubber stampede, hero arts.

The other three were from Purple Daisy Designs. A poppy, tiny dragon fly and a butterfly.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

hats for Christmas

Picture of all the boys in their knitted caps the two on the second step to the right are my grandsons.

ice and snow

We are at level two here in Perry County, Ohio That means I stay home today. Yea!!!!!!!!!

polymer clay

kool idea

I read about a kool idea the other day. This person bought 100% cotton sweaters at a local charity shop and made wash clothes out of them. I thought what a good idea. so the next time I was looking for wool sweaters for felting I kept my eyes open for 100% cotton.

I found this really beautiful and large sweater in a brown tweed and I grabbed it up. The store was having a buy on get one so it was free. Had it washed up last night and started looking for an end to pull. Instead of winding it I thought I would knit right off the sweater.

Learned a very valueable lesson If it is machine made and the seams are serged there are only one row long pieces of yarn. Oh well I'm 57 and I'm never to old to learn. Wonder what I can do with big pieces of knitted sweater.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

how the time flies

Its a new year. Maybe I will be better at writing this year. I decided to give may two grandsons hats for Christmas and since I picked such an easy pattern I thought why not do two for my brothers two grandsons, that's four. My niece got married this year to a nice young man with children from his first marriage, they live with their mother out west (Phoenix I think) well they came back to Ohio for Christmas you guessed it he has all boys so that brought my total up to seven. Tried on the first hat, two little. My but they have big heads. So OK that's nine hats.

I have one granddaughter I couldn't leave her out so I thought I would give her one of the many scarves I make throughout the year. Since I had so many made, I thought. Diane why not give one to all the ladies? Sooooo I started counting and thought I had enough. I gave one each to my bff at work and then found out I was short for the family.

The last part of December was very, very busy knitting garter stitch and knit 2 purl 2 ribbing.

I am soooooooo ready for something new. A KAL mystery sounds like a good idea. I just have to decide on one.

Pictures did I get pictures? No, I was finishing the last scarf and wrapping them on Dec 24.

I did get a picture of the boys with their hats on. Will get a picture soon.