Tuesday, June 9, 2009

now for art

Today I have the day off. I'm going to my studio (basement) to work on art. My neice is having a baby and I'm going to make her a baby scrapbook.

New hours

Well I made it through the first day of my new hours (barely) I now know I can't do 12 hours of work in 5 hours. I had to not help a young person find a book because I couldn't get away from my desk. Things I didn't get done was well, everything, I didn't get cargo done, all the books checked in, no books put away, now in the back room there is food to give away. This is called dinner but I see it as more of a snack. Yesterdays dinner was a pb&j crustable with milk diced peaches and applesauce. I am supposed to count how many I give out, make sure they eat it there and the kids have to under 18. This when I don't have time to check in all the books in the book drop.

This food is through an Appalachian grant to help anyone stretch their food budget. The rules are the child has to under 18 and the food is to be eaten there. I am going to post the rules but I CANNOT police the following of same. Oh and the food is only for the kids.

Monday, June 8, 2009

First day for new hours

Today I start as manager of the Junction City branch of the Perry County Library. We have major money problems. We had to close one branch and lay off 8 people now this part of Ohio has no place else for the kids to go or do. Were is all the stimulus money I keep hearing about? Junction is down to 14 hours a week. I'm supposed to do the work of two people. I told my boss I would do the best I can. I just spent several hours of my own time (I think this will be an ongoing thing) getting organized. I am wondering if I could hit up companies for donations for a craft class? This would also have to be on my own time. I love my little part of Perry County so this would not be a hardship for me. Times are hard, my DH was laid off after 23 years so spending my own money is not an option. I would love to hear from other people with this same problem?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009