Saturday, February 23, 2008

kool idea

I read about a kool idea the other day. This person bought 100% cotton sweaters at a local charity shop and made wash clothes out of them. I thought what a good idea. so the next time I was looking for wool sweaters for felting I kept my eyes open for 100% cotton.

I found this really beautiful and large sweater in a brown tweed and I grabbed it up. The store was having a buy on get one so it was free. Had it washed up last night and started looking for an end to pull. Instead of winding it I thought I would knit right off the sweater.

Learned a very valueable lesson If it is machine made and the seams are serged there are only one row long pieces of yarn. Oh well I'm 57 and I'm never to old to learn. Wonder what I can do with big pieces of knitted sweater.

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Diane said...

Its a cool idea alright but only if it is hand knitted not machine the machine is cut on each row and you get a lot of short pieces.