Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter day

I have been inside for two days, so you would think I would be getting something done. So far I have been just looking out the windows and watching the weather. We had about an inch of ice so far last night and now it is starting so snow. It was bad enough to close the library system where I work. No school, no anything. I live on a country road so it gets real bad (for me) real soon. I need to get my 120 page technique done but our electric bill was so big last month that I had to turn off the heaters in the basement so its really cold down there. I can bring up small things to do but a 120 page glue and fire project? It is starting to snow harder now and is blowing. Our electric went out for a minute, as we have a total electric house it is a worry. We had a bad storm last August and lost power for a week if we loose power now the food wouldn't spoil but it would get really cold in here.

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