Monday, June 8, 2009

First day for new hours

Today I start as manager of the Junction City branch of the Perry County Library. We have major money problems. We had to close one branch and lay off 8 people now this part of Ohio has no place else for the kids to go or do. Were is all the stimulus money I keep hearing about? Junction is down to 14 hours a week. I'm supposed to do the work of two people. I told my boss I would do the best I can. I just spent several hours of my own time (I think this will be an ongoing thing) getting organized. I am wondering if I could hit up companies for donations for a craft class? This would also have to be on my own time. I love my little part of Perry County so this would not be a hardship for me. Times are hard, my DH was laid off after 23 years so spending my own money is not an option. I would love to hear from other people with this same problem?

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