Sunday, December 6, 2009

toooooo busy

Here it is Sunday, again. I've got to get to town and buy the backing for mom's memory board. I try to make her one for each season and she still has her fall leaves up. I'm trying to make it sturdier each time. She seems to always tears it apart at the bottom corner that she can reach from her bed. She is putting the remote control for her TV in the pocket and it wasn't made for that. For anyone that doesn't know. Mom is in a nursing home. She had a stroke about 6 years ago during her third open heart surgery.

William has a ball game today, too. Since the library changed my hours I can't get to all the games and Cristi said Emily is doing so much better this year. I hate my job when it makes it impossible to get to the kids functions. When Cliff gets his business going I will be quitting faster than you can say "good-bye". Did I say I hate my job?

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